Meadow Christian Fellowship is excited to offer two new Adult Sunday School electives beginning Sunday, September 11 at 9am. Scott Brown will teach “Walking Together with the Holy Spirit” and Jerry Rush will continue the “Old Testament Survey class” focusing on Isaiah through Malachi. A nursery and children’s programing is available during the 9am hour.
Sep-May in Room 214 from 9:00-10:00am
Led by Scott Brown
This class focuses on who the Holy Spirit is, and the impact He should have in our lives. Are you not seeing God’s presence and power in your “normal” life? We will see how God’s Spirit uses God’s Word to empower God’s people to accomplish God’s will… in real life!
Discussion focus includes convicting questions from “Forgotten God” and “Jesus, Continued”. We will look to the Bible to get an accurate, balanced view of how we, as individuals and as the church, can walk and work with the Spirit.
1. Take a fresh look at the Holy Spirit
2. Living life in God’s power
Sep-May in Fellowship Hall from 9:00-10:00am
Led by Jerry Rush
This class takes you through the last 17 books of the Old Testament, Isaiah through Malachi. These books span from 100 years after the glory days of King Solomon to 400 years before the Messiah arrives.
This time together provides a better understanding of God’s grace as we look at God’s work in unfolding His plan of redemption. As a result, expect that you can comfortably read or hear OT Scriptures and see relevant application points to your life today.
1. Understand how God’s redemption plan unfolds: The prophets all point to Christ
2. Approach the OT with confidence in seeing its relevance to your life now
TUESDAY MORNINGS is a multi-generational group of ladies that meet on Tuesdays from 9am-11:15am in Room 214. The group is studying a book by Dr. David Jeremiah called “Revealing The Mysteries of Heaven” and meets annually between September and May.
Led by Pat Moore
REAL is for women of all seasons in life who are seeking relationships, encouragement, accountability and laughter. They are using Lisa Harper’s Bible study series “Perfect Love” as a guide. 
Led by Jo Suiter and Jen Hagen
These two men’s groups include men of all ages who care more about where they ARE and where they are GOING, than where they’ve BEEN. These men challenge each other through God’s Word are regularly looking at current life experiences in the light of God’s Word. Discover God’s grace for fully living life NOW.
The Downstairs Men’s Group (Rm. 214) follows a modified form of the church reading plan. This means they get into a book of the Bible for 3-10 weeks and cover a mix of New Testament and Old Testament during a year.
Led by Ben Prasad or Dan Suiter
The Upstairs Men’s Group (Youth Room) is starting this year with I Peter and II Peter.
Led by Tim Copeland
(for college & post college singles)
Our college-aged/young adult ministry meets the first three Sundays after church and at 6:30pm on the 4th Sunday in various homes.
Our high-paced, quickly changing world has so much to offer us. There is a seemingly unending list of ways we can spend our time. But, with all of these options and offerings, it can be difficult to find opportunities for truly meaningful connections. Having relationships built on the truth of God’s Word offers us a strength that is uncommon. As we figure out the next steps in life, we need those authentic connections more than ever. We strive to connect to each other and to God. So whether you meet with us each week, have never met with us before, or used to participate in a Christian community but don’t any longer…would you stay connected?

To hear more about our CONNECT ministry click here to email Justin MacKinnon.

We are excited to offer a small group to young married couples that meets the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 6pm. Currently the group is studying Francis Chan’s “the book of James”.
Led by Mark and Kathy Barnes

Want to give your marriage a boost?

For Better, For Worse, For Keeps Marriage Conference, featuring speaker and author Bob Moeller, will be held here at Meadows Christian Fellowship on April 29 from 9am-4pm. Scripture based, humor-filled, and story-driven, this life-changing conference walks couples through the process of liberation that sets them free to embrace all that God intended for their marriage. For more information or to Register Click Here!