From Dave & Andrea Hutchings, (Japan— Cadence International)

Dear Friends & Family,

As I sit down to the write this email most of our teammates have arrived back home. Some are still traveling back to Europe or the USA. 

This past week was such an encouragement to us. What a joy it was to grow in how we disciple and equip those we minister to. We spent most of our time working on how to RELEASE others to do ministry. For Dave and I, we really appreciate Cadence training us in ways that are really about God’s Kingdom not just Cadence kingdom. 

Not only was the training helpful but just being with our teammates. Many are wonderful friends who have walked with us through good and bad over the years. We love them deeply and are glad God has called us to serve together.

Thank you, Meadows Christian Fellowship! 

As we mentioned in the last email we had two gals, Eryn and Lynnean come out from Andrea’s home church in IL to watch our younger missionary kids all week. It was a bit of a last minute request but Meadow’s and these gals jumped on board. 

Not only was it a blessing to our team but to us personally. It was so fun to have our first visitors from one of our supporting churches. We loved giving them a glimpse into our world.  Thank you, Meadows, for not only loving our kids but us as well.

Thank you, friends, for praying for us all this past week. 

Dave, Andrea, Kavan & Keeley