Living It Out – Apr 2

from Pastor Andrew

 I would guess most of us have not been secret agents, or military special ops. We have not heard the words, “Your mission, if you choose to accept it…” but maybe you’ve looked at a school or work assignment, a challenging situation, our a big goal and heard the Mission Impossible theme music playing in your head. Dunt-Dunt, Duh–Da, Dunt-Dunt, Duh–Da, Ba-duh-duh-dum. Jesus had a mission impossible.

On the cross, Jesus declared that he completed his mission by calling out “It is finished”. Those three words are the translation of one greek word, Tetelestai. In greek the word Tetelestai has two primary uses meaning it is complete or paid in full.

In that day, when soldiers would return from a mission, they would announce “TETELESTAI”. This communicated they had finished the job but also that they had finished well. They had been triumphant. It was a positive and celebratory word.

The other use of “Tetelestai” makes the meaning a bit more tangible. The other use is when a debt gets paid. Most of us have paid a bill of some sort. Some of us have paid off a big debt. Maybe you’ve paid off your car, your house, or a debt you never thought you would be free of. What a feeling! “Tetelestai”. It is finished. It is paid in full!

You’re not a bad person. You strive to make a positive contribution to the world. You love your family, you’re a good friend, you’re honest and kind and fair. On the whole you are a good person. But God requires perfection. I think I am a good person, and I think many would agree. But I know I’m not perfect. I have realized that I can’t be good enough, consistently enough, for long enough to measure up to God’s right requirement. It’s impossible. But Jesus did it. Then Jesus did the unthinkable. He traded His life for ours. He took our imperfection on the cross, and offers us His perfection. He declared “It is finished”; the mission is complete, the debt has been paid. To prove He was good enough and that God’s justice was satisfied, he rose from the dead!

God extends this offer to each one of us… keep trying to be good enough, to be perfect, or through faith, believe in Jesus Christ and accept His trade. It is that simple. Will you accept that it is finished?

Happy Easter!