Living It Out – Mar 26

from Pastor Andrew

 I watch my 17 year old and remember days as a young man. I’ve concluded getting/staying in shape is harder the older I get. I
believe the same holds true for churches. Meadows Christian Fellowship is an older church. Here are five principles of
working out that will help us get in shape.
Be realistic. This is hard for me. I want to see big results in a short time. Often I start big and burn out quick and that does little good. Getting in shape is a process that requires honest evaluation and patient endurance. Ask yourself; “where does God wish our church was” and “what part can I play to get it there”

Set a goal and make the time. I’ve seen a billboard advertising a gym that says “fit people have more fun”. It has a picture of a dad playing with his kids, I want to be a fun dad, so I try set goals and make the time to get fit. In the kingdom “fit people have more
. Do you have a disciple making goal? Do you have a mentoring goal? Does your small group have goals? Set a goal
and make the time to start working on it.

Warm up. Simple things like getting into our 9:30am worship service on time, coming 4 Sundays a month instead of 3,
encouraging your small group to meet regularly, staying for the Know, Love Become hour, coming to prayer meeting, these are
all good ways to warm up and start getting in shape.  

Less weight, more reps. Pray for one person a week. Invite a family over for dinner or someone out for coffee. Send a note of encouragement, or make a phone. If your not giving, start small and be regular. If your not spending time in the Bible, start with a verse a day but do it every day. If your not sharing your faith, start with one comment or question. Small expressions of love for each other and simple disciplines, done over and over, will help us build strong, lean muscle and get us in shape. If your doing things like these consistently well, increase your weight, your reps or both.

Be accountable. Working out with someone else is a bit threatening but really helpful. Share your goal and invite someone else to get in shape with you. Let’s help each other Catch the Wave.