Ministry Blog – Inspiration Studio 2017


Oh the plans we have made for this year’s Inspiration Studio!! It is not to be missed – July 17-21! Due to overwhelming response from the community over the past 5 YEARS we have modified our schedule to accommodate what we believe will be our largest group of campers yet.
Our theme this summer is “The Body of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:27 ” All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.” Please spread the word about this great opportunity for children 3-17 years old to grow in Christ through art and music. Registration is NOW LIVE! click here
We are SO thankful to have the majority of our main teaching staff in place, but we still have a LOT of needs to fill before July! We are looking for volunteers to fill the following jobs: (no art or music training experience necessary):
  • Games Coordinator 
  • Games Assistant
  • 6 Head Counselors –(to lead campers from one session to the next & help them succeed at camp) 
  • 12 Counselors –(to assist campers with cutting/pasting/questions etc.)
  • (that makes 18 people who need to serve as counselors!)
  • 2 Nursery Workers – (for our staff children too young to attend)
  • Snack Helpers – (to organize & distribute our daily snacks)
Please be praying that these needs will all be filled, and help spread the word by telling anyone you can how they can be part of Inspiration Studio as a volunteer or camper!

Ministry Blog – Youth Ministry


Ministry Blog – Senior High (1:10)

from Justin MacKinnon

How well do you know our church’s young people?
I am convinced more and more that a huge part of my role as Pastor of Young Adult Ministries is to connect our young people into the larger body of Christ. Not just to encourage them toward fellowship with each other, but also with people like you, the church that God has put them in.
So I ask the question again, how well do you know our church’s young people?
My prayer is that each young person in our church has multiple adults who know them, value them, listen to them, and pray for them. Until the church becomes a faith family for someone, it’s hard to feel at home, right? The same is true for our young people.
Often on youth retreats and mission trips, I find myself adding up the numbers to get the correct ratio of adults to youth to make sure it’s a safe environment for them. Sometimes I’m on the phone hoping for one more adult to get to the all-important
5 students to 1 adult ratio. I’m thinking, “Please say yes to a weekend away from home, sleeping on the ground and praying with the kid who doesn’t want to talk to anyone.” Haha!
But the crazy thing is that the new research in youth ministry would suggest a complete flip of that ratio. But this ratio is not about safety, it’s about belonging. For a high school student to call a church their own, it’s not just about finding peer acceptance, it’s also about finding acceptance among the adult community. Youth ministry legend Dr. Chap Clark suggests a 5 adults to 1 student ratio to help a student know that this is their family of faith. He finds that the students who have those healthy connections have a greater chance of flourishing in the church.
As many of you know, I attended church here at Meadows while I was in high school, and I can think of a handful of adults who took the time to know me, value me, listen to me, and pray for me, even through all my awkwardness and immaturity. I thank God for those people, no doubt some of you are reading this.
So I ask the question one more time, possibly planting a seed for the future of God’s church…
How well do you know our church’s young people?

Ministry Blog – Family Fellowship Lunches

Family Fellowship Luncheons

Starting THIS month, our Family Fellowship Lunches are changing to the last Sunday of the Month. That means MARCH 26th at 12pm you can take a break from cooking and enjoy getting to know our inter-generational fellowship on a deeper level.  
You may be wondering why we’re changing the date? As a “Christian Fellowship” we wanted to better align our lunches with our Family Fellowship Worship Services when our families stay together to worship. 
Wondering why you should come? Maybe it’s a chance to connect with your small group; or maybe you want to be adventurous and sit with our younger generation to get to know them better; or maybe there’s a part of our church family who you aren’t connected in ministry with and you want to introduce yourself to them. There’s LOTS of way to benefit from spending time together over lunch. JOIN US this Month—Sunday, March 26th following the Worship Service.
(No need to RSVP) Donations are accepted and appreciated.

Ministry Blog – Cruise Night


Did you know that Meadows’ Cruise Nights will begin it’s 5th Consecutive Year starting Friday, May 26th? Planning is already under way and we are excited at the possibilities this year will bring. While cars start arriving hours before the event opens in order to reserve “their spot”, it’s a perfect time to get to know some of the over 300 cruisers and community members who come to our lot.
Elaine Stevens is someone you can see on a weekly basis selling souvenirs near the concession stand. “One night I came with my son, David, and saw they had a place I could help. I fit right in. It’s something I can do and it gives me a little corner where I can serve at Meadows joyfully. I even added my own touch and have a few Bibles marked FREE that people can take with no obligation.”
“While people look at the t-shirts and trinkets I’m able to talk to some. I think it was the last night and a man approached me and said he had gotten some news, that he had been healed from cancer.” Elaine said, “he knew where to come and that the people at the car show genuinely cared about him. One man comes each week in an electric cart and happened to see my amplifier and asked where I got it. He wanted all the serial numbers and place I found it. A few weeks later, he came back to see me and showed me his new amplifier and said, “Now I can hear better!” 
Elaine says many times she hears people wonder why we are so nice. I want to say, “it’s because we pray for you and want to you come to know the Lord. Our mission at Cruise Night is to serve our friends and neighbors that they will see the Lord Jesus Christ in us and help them to know and love Jesus.”
Are you touched by Elaine’s story? Maybe you or your family would like to serve once a month from 5-8pm at our Friday Cruise Night’s. Contact Ellen Kloppenborg to find out the many ways you can get involved in this ministry to our community this summer. Cruise Night begins May 26th.

Ministry Blog – Women’s Ministry Brunch

from Susan Herold

As a woman who often does more for others and forgets about myself, I see this opportunity for a Spring Brunch as a fine time to uplift other women in the same place as me.  We need to set aside time to encourage ourselves and to enrich and nourish our lives with teaching that is relevant and uplifting to us. Let’s do this by marking your calendar for the Spring Brunch on March 25th with guest speaker Rhea Briscoe.  I promise you will not regret the time spent listening to her and the great fellowship time to follow.
Rhea Briscoe is the daughter-in-law of Stuart and Jill Briscoe, married to their son David.  She prays fervently for the people she will speak to and asks that we come ready to listen and engage in what she brings to us.  She is a dynamic speaker who has not had a privileged past.  She has been through many difficult circumstances and has an energetic way of speaking to her audience.  You will be drawn in as she prays and relies on God to bring the message we need to hear most.  
This is why I picked the theme Beautiful for the Spring Brunch.  God sees each and every one of us as Beautiful just the way we are.  When I have heard Rhea speak in the past, it is clear to me that she believes this and brings this message to women everywhere; when society and the world tells us different.  Please come and enjoy the message she will have for us from THE WORD, the worship we will engage in, the Beautiful decor that your table host will be providing and the delicious brunch and fellowship we will enjoy on that day.  
Let this song from MercyMe (  wash over you as you consider how Beautiful you are to your Father in heaven. Take in those words and realize to push away those thoughts and feelings that you are Beautiful would be like telling God He is wrong.  He is never wrong and he made you BEAUTIFUL.
You may purchase tickets for the Women’s Brunch THIS Sunday at the kiosks. Tickets are $7 per person.

Ministry Blog – Work Day

One aspect of theBusiness Affairs Ministry Group is to maintain our building and keep it fresh for on-going ministry. That’s why the third Saturday of the month is reserved for “Work Day”. Scott Backus is a regular at work days here at Meadows and here is what he had to say about using his gifts for the Lord.
“I’ve always been taught to take care of the things God has provided.  The Bible tells us to be good stewards of the gifts we receive.  At home, if something is broken, I fix it.  If something needs improvement or needs to be changed, I work to change it. Meadows is my church home.  I think we all have a responsibility to help and maintain that home.  If something is broken, we help fix it.  If something needs improvement or change, we work to change it.
Everyone has been given a gift, something that they can offer the church body.  For some, that gift is singing (you don’t want to hear me sing).  For others, it might be teaching. But everyone has something to offer.  The things we accomplish on work days is often not all that complicated or technical, sometimes it’s just in need of a set of hands to perform some simple tasks that even children can (and have) done.  Yes, there are times when more complicated or technical skills are needed, and I help there when I can.  There’s always plenty of work to be done.  It’s a great feeling to work alongside other church family members, to talk, joke and laugh with them as we work, and to feel the sense of accomplishment as we maintain and improve the facility that God has provided us.
YOU can join this group the 3rd Saturdays of the month from 8am to 12pm (or whatever time you have to give). Or if you have any questions about how to get involved, please contact Erik Hildebrandt.

Ministry Blog – Worship (Audio/Visual)


There is one aspect of our Worship Ministry Team that works mainly behind the scenes. It’s an integral part of our Sunday Morning worship experience that can be under appreciated—it’s our Audio/Visual Team. Ben Eaton has been one of the faithful servants for several years and had this to say about his experience. 
“I started working with the audiovisual team as a way to get involved with the Church. I wanted to find a way that would allow me to contribute to the spreading the word of the love of Christ, and assisting with the service was a great way to start. 
I enjoy working with proclaim because the visual aspect is essential in worship, from the providing of the words to the hymns we sing, to the words Andrew preaches. Singing joyful songs to the LORD without having to stare into a book or a sheet of paper really allows us to lift our voices to Him. I also enjoy working with proclaim because it adds extra importance to pay close attention to the sermons. This allows me to soak in the message even more, because I am paying closer attention to his words.
Through my time working with proclaim in the service, I feel as though I have helped in some way spread the word and love of Christ, and grown closer to Him as well.”  Click Here for more information about PROCLAIM.
Anyone can help serve on the Audio/Visual Team, if you are interested, please contact Mark Hoffman today! 

Ministry Blog – Missions


In a few short weeks we will embark on our church’s 62nd Annual Missions Conference, February 26 thru March 9. This year’s conference is sure to be exciting as we welcome Gary Rohrmayer (Converge Mid-America), Jeff & Carolyn Anderson (La Industria Spain), Mark & Lori Lloyd (The Jesus Film Project – Cru), and Katie Lehmann (Kindred Life).

Our missions theme is “Fearless Witness. The Gift, the Call, the Power of the Holy Spirit” taken from John 14:26-27

“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit—the Father will send Him in My name—will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you. Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Your heart must not be troubled or fearful.”

As we prepare for this year’s conference, we encourage you to think back on how you engaged in missions in 2016. And begin praying how God may be leading you for missions support in 2017: Pray, Adopt, Give, Go.

Be looking for the Conference Brochure to be mailed in February. In the meantime, please also pray as the final details for conference are being put into place. Start planning now to attend and draw closer with our missions partners who are traveling to spend this time together next month.

Ministry Blog – Adventure Club

Valerie MacKinnon leads our elementary aged Sunday School class and is excited to give us an overview of the program.
“Adventure Club is fun!! It’s been great for me to be a part of this ministry for several years now. The teachers that give their time each week to teach the children of Meadows are awesome. I’m so thankful for their comintment to this ministry.
One thing that has been encouraging to see is that even at such a young age, kids can encourage one another and pray for each other. Dan Kyriak and Carl Goding have their 3rd-6th graders share what’s been going on in their lives each Sunday and have the kids pray for each other about those things. It’s a blessing to hear their sweet prayers and concern for their friends!
Karissa Goding and Rachyl Kyriak help the K-2nd graders learn verses and play super fun games that help the younger kids to understand the lessons from each class. It’s very fun! What’s better than playing games, laughing, and learning about Gods Word all at the same time!?!
Val says, “We’d love to have more of Meadows kids come and learn more about God’s Word and putting it into practice.” Adventure Club is every Sunday from 9:00-10:00am. 

Ministry Blog – Jan 7

Caring Friends is Meadows’ adults with disabilities small group that meets monthly to celebrate their God given gifts of faith, family, friends and food. They are approaching their 2nd Anniversary and Sharon Rickerson had this to say about their ministry.

“In January of 2014, I met in my home with a diverse group of people. Men and women, younger and older, family, friends and acquaintances who didn’t all attend the same church but we had three things in common. We all love Jesus, we all work with people with developmental & intellectual disabilities, and we believe that redemption is a gift from God to all and not dependent on a certain level of intelligence. The church is complete only when it includes all of God’s children and when all people, are seen as equals—in God’s eyes and in our own eyes.

Those were the shared convictions that brought us together and united our hearts in prayer that day. We asked God to show us how to begin and He did. Seven of the 14 people who were at that initial meeting continued to pray with me as the Caring Friends ministry began to take shape. We launched on May 17, 2014 with 12 volunteers and four friends. We had plenty of room for more. To date we number 35 when we’re all there.

Our mission is to honor God by helping our special friends to know love and become like Jesus. We dedicate ourselves to sharing the love of God with them and each other.”

The MCF Caring Friends Ministry meets every fourth Saturday of the month from 5-7pm. The evening begins with dinner. Sharon says you are always welcome to join Caring Friends and guarantees you will be blessed. If you have any questions about this ministry, have a friend that might enjoy Caring Friends or are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Sharon Rickerson.