Preparing for Worship – Jan 25

from Mark Hoffman

Who am I that the highest King

Would welcome me?

I was lost but He brought me in

Oh His love for me!

As we gather for worship this week, we come into the presence of God singing Praise To The Lord The Almighty. It is an incredible privilege that the King of creation would invite us into his presence and welcome us! The love he shows to us through Jesus Christ draws us to him, brings us together, and compels us to worship, singing Who You Say I Am and Good Good Father.                

As we have been welcomed by him, we welcome one another (Romans 15:5-7) during our Fellowship Greeting. We will again lift our voices together to declare Lord I Need You, and then we invite all children up front for a special Kids’ Time. Pastor Andrew’s message this week will address the question “Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?” as we continue to Explore God together. In response to the answers we find in God’s Word, we will sing Blessed Be Your Name. Our worship gathering will conclude with a time of Giving, some brief announcements, and a Benediction.    
Worship is gracious gift of God. Will you accept God’s invitation and prepare to engage in the privilege of worship together? Reflect prayerfully on the songs and Scripture above. Pray for our time of worship together. Pray for all those who lead and for all who will attend. Pray that the Lord would be glorified and that his church would be built up!  

See you on Sunday, Mark