Preparing for Worship – Jan 3

from Mark Hoffman

Happy New Year!  As we gather for worship this week, we begin the new year proclaiming that Today Is the Day that the Lord has made… let’s rejoice and be glad in it! This song echoes the words of the salvation song of Psalm 118, which finds its ultimate fulfilment in our Savior, Jesus Christ. The words of this Psalm and the song Jesus Messiah point us to the gospel of Jesus and lead us to the communion table. At MCF, we invite all believers in Christ to take of the bread and cup. Please hold the elements when they are passed so that we may take them together. After proclaiming Christ’s atoning death through communion, we proclaim his resurrected life together in song, singing Christ Is Risen.
Following our Children’s Church dismissal (all kids 5 years old through 4th grade are invited to attend) Pastor Andrew will lay the foundation for the upcoming Explore God initiative with a message centered on Christ’s “Great Commission” found in Matthew 28:16-20. We will also spend time in prayer together for Explore God.
Responding to the message, we will sing Build My Life, asking that the Lord would lead us in his love to those around us who need the good news of Jesus Christ in their lives. We will close the service with our regular time of Giving, some brief announcements, and a Benediction.

Will you come prepared to worship this Sunday? Reflect on the songs and Scripture above and on the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you continue to draw near to the Lord with an attitude of worship day by day throughout the coming weeks? It is our hope that many people will be coming to our church in January and February to “Explore God” in our Sunday services. We want them to not only hear the truth of the gospel, but to experience authentic worship among people like us who have been transformed by the truth of the gospel. Our worship can be a powerful testimony to the existence of God and to the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray with me to this end as we gather for worship this week and beyond…

See you on Sunday!