Preparing for Worship – Oct 4

From Mark Hoffman

Save us, O Lord our God… that we may give thanks to your holy name

and glory in your praise. Psalm 106:47

We gather once again this week as people saved by God for a purpose — to thank and praise our Lord and Savior in all that we are and all that we do. Our reading from Psalm 106 calls us to worship our saving God as we respond in song with Our God Saves.
The truth of the gospel is that our God saves because we need rescuing! Ephesians 2:4-5 reminds us that we were dead in sin, but God has given us new life in Jesus Christ. We will enter into this gospel truth together, first by coming before the Lord in repentant prayer, then by rejoicing in God’s gift of life and salvation through Christ as we proclaim This Is Amazing Grace. All of this leads our hearts and minds to the communion table. At MCF, we invite all believers in Christ to take of the bread and cup. Please hold the elements when they are passed so that we may take them together as an expression of the fellowship that we share in Jesus. Our response in song is to declare the Living Hope we have in Christ.
Following a few brief announcements, we will pray for and dismiss all kids 5 years through 4th grade to Children’s Church. Then, after our regular time of Giving, Pastor Andrew begins a new series focused on the Holy Spirit with a message entitled “The Holy Spirit – God With Us.” His text will be from John 14:15-16 and 16:1-15. Our closing response is a prayer set to music, Holy Spirit.
I like to define worship as being a “Spirit-enabled response to the truth of who God is and all that he has done for us in Jesus Christ.” God desires for these responses of worship to be woven through every moment of our lives. He also desires for us to gather regularly as his children to respond in worship together. Please take some time to prayerfully reflect on the Scriptures and songs above. Allow the Spirit of God to lead you in worshipful response to God’s person, presence, works, and Word… in the everyday moments of life and then overflowing in gathered worship together on Sunday.
I look forward to worshiping with you…

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