Wednesdays: Dinner at 6pm; Prayer begins at 7pm
We believe prayer is an integral and intimate part of our personal relationship with God. Simply put, it is our conversation with Him; and conversation is the only way to have healthy relationships. But that is true corporately as well. Our mid-week prayer gathering is a place for us to talk and listen to God together as a Fellowship. As we pray together, we grow in our self awareness as a Fellowship, we grow closer together in relationship as a Fellowship, and we hear from God together as a Fellowship. We hope that through it all, we are refreshed together and are moved from a sense of religious duty to the delight of relationship with God.  

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I’m thankful for the opportunity to pray more with others.  I feel the challenge of focusing on submission to God which naturally lends itself to conviction for those besetting sins and worldly desires and distractions. I realize and thank God for His love, grace and mercy toward me.  I can hear in the prayers of others that I’m not alone in my struggles and as we pray together I feel hope and pray others do too. I know our prayers to submit to God (trust and obey) are prayers according to His will which will be done. That gives me hope.
The hope I’m feeling is not in myself to change. If I could I would have!  My hope is in God to do what I can’t. Recently Andrew brought to our attention that we often quote from James “resist the devil and he will flee” but before that James says “submit to God”…And it occurred to me; unless we submit to God our resistance to the devil is powerless and he won’t flee – doesn’t need to! There is no power in “my” determination to resist.  It was one of those  a-ha moments, realizing how often I strive to resist evil and how hard that is when I’m doing it in my own strength (more than I care to admit).
I wholeheartedly believe God knows my heart, hears my prayers and leads me (Amazing Grace) Still  I find myself feeling overwhelmed…where do “I” begin?  Then God’s Spirit reminds me again that He already began and will complete what He has begun.  He will do what I can’t. Amazing love, grace and mercy. Thanks be to God for leading us in becoming a house of prayer.
The Worship Team is a group of people who serve with their musical and vocal abilities. Our desire is to lead people in worshiping God through songs, scripture and prayer.  
Rehearsals for our Sunday services are held on Thursdays at 7:00pm.
Our Sunday services rely on a great Audio/Visual Team! This group of people is responsible for the sound and visual needs of our worship gatherings.  Volunteers serve by operating the sound board or by operating the projected media presentation.  Training is provided for new and continuing Audio/Visual Team members.
contact Mark Hoffman to volunteer: