Expect to be greeted warmly. Our welcome team will great you as you come in the door. You might even get a hug unless you’re not a hugger. You can ask questions of our welcome team and stop by the welcome center for more information about our church.
Expect to see a range of attire. Form suites & dress to jeans & tees, come dressed comfortably for you. While we come to worship God and believe He is worthy of our best, we also believe that he cares far more about our hearts than our clothes.
Expect children in our service, at least for part of the time. We value children and want them to feel that they’re a part of our family. We have children 5 and up stay with us for the beginning of our worship service. Then they’re dismissed for teaching and activity geared especially to them. The last week of each month we have the children stay for the whole service. We call this our Family Fellowship Sunday and we add kid friendly elements to our service. Every week, we provide nursery and toddler care during the entire service. If you have children with you, please check in at the welcome center.
Expect to sing. God’s people have always been a singing people and songs are a wonderful way to express our thoughts and feelings about God and to God. Each week we sing a mix of songs from well-known hymns of the church to modern worship songs you might hear on the radio.
Expect to pray. Prayer is simply talking to God. We believe He loves talking with us and that prayer change things. Especially when the thing needing change is us. Most of the time someone will be leading prayer from the front but there are times when we invite others to pray. There is no pressure for anyone to pray outloud, unless a person wants to.
Expect teaching from the Bible. We believe the Bible is God’s inspired communication to us. In it we find God’s most clear communication about Himself and His desires for us. This is a big deal, so each week we take time to hear what God has to say and we strive to apply His words to our lives in practical ways.
Expect to meet people that genuinely care about you. We call our church a fellowship because it’s a key description of churches in the Bible. The biblical meaning of fellowship is summed up by saying we love each other. We’re not perfect at it, but we do try to love each other as God has loved us. That love spills over to whoever walks throgh the door.
Expect to be invited to stay after the service for our KLB Hour. Our service begins at 9:30am and ends between 10:45 and 11. From 11 to 12 we have our KLB Hour. During this hour we have a selection of classes to help people take their next step on their spiritual journey. On the last week of the month, our Family Fellowship Sunday, we spend the KLB Hour having lunch and hanging out with each other.