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New Year… new _____?


What would you fill in the blank with? New Year, New…? You? Healthy Lifestyle? New Mindset? New Career? 

We often look at the New Year as a “new start”, looking ahead to what 2024 will bring. However, what if we viewed the New Year as a reminder to reflect and look back.

  • What joys did you experience in 2023? 
  • What sorrows did you experience in 2023?
  • Where did you see God move specifically in 2023?
  • Did you spend time pursuing God and deepening your faith in 2023?
  • What is something you’re thankful for that happened in 2023?
  • How did God show his love and compassion for you in 2023?

I encourage you to grab coffee with someone and share your answers to some or all of these questions! Get together, fellowship, pray together, and reflect back on all God has done and praise Him for what he will do in 2024.


Happy New Year! Looking forward to how God will continue to move powerfully through Women’s Ministry in 2024.